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In the spring of this year (2019) the Lord began talking to me about publishing the book "Finding God's Plan For Your Life." He had told me back in 2001 that it would be published someday, but I wasn't sure how or when. God mostly does not let you in on all the details :)

This spring I taught this information as a 9-week class at my church. When Lance Ivey, an evangelist and speaker came to our church and heard about this class, he told me I needed to hurry and make it into a book. A few weeks later, I was asked by a woman in California if I would do the seminar for her. So we took a few days and drove over and did the seminar at her kitchen table. She also said "you are just one person and you can't go everywhere, so you need to publish this into a book so it can get out to more people." Then one of our Pastors at our church also told me I should publish this information. So I told the Lord - "Wow - 3 confirmations - I got it Lord!!"

I was praying about how to take a seminar with all the information and parts and make it into a book when I saw a commercial on TBN for Trilogy Publishing (their book publishing subsidiary). As soon as I saw it - the Lord said - "Send your book to them." I didn't know anything about them or how to send in my material, so I googled them and on their website, it had the name and picture of the person in charge. I thought this name sounded familiar and then I was reminded by the Lord that this was the person who had helped me with my non-profit paperwork for my ministry, Getting Your HOUSE in Order, in 2002!! I looked in my file cabinet and there was his name on all my paperwork!! I was so excited and amazed how the Lord works!!

So August 15, 2019 I sent in the manuscript. Soon after, they contacted me saying they wanted to publish the book and we had our initial talk on September 10th. This was the initial day in 2001 that the Lord had started pouring in all the information he wanted me to share with women in my ministry - 1 day before 9/11!!!

So PRAISE THE LORD - now the book is finished and will be released January 14, 2020. I am praying that the Lord uses this information in a mighty way to impact the lives of many people who will find God's plan for their lives.

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