Finding God's Plan For Your Life

The book will help you go through the steps of "Hearing," "Obeying," "Using," "Speaking," and "Expecting." Through many Biblical examples and Scriptures, you will have the tools to take this amazing journey. Study questions at the end of each chapter. Available through Amazon and bookstores everywhere.

It's Impossible

This book is the true story of the Clark Family who faced impossible situations every day. Their two sons had an undiagnosed neuromuscular disease that eventually took over their bodies. Lloyd, Lu, Roger and David relied on the Lord and His comfort and wisdom to get them through. Read how they did it and managed to even have fun through it all.

Tribulation Survival

In Bible Prophecy, the Rapture of the saints takes place before Jesus returns. For those who are left on the earth after this event, knowing what's happening and how to survive will be life-saving. Order this book to find out. 

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It's Impossible:
1 book = $15.00 (includes shipping)

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